Summer School Camp. Continuing Education Project for Folk Culture

The idea of ​​the Summer School for Folk Culture is a pilot experience, unique in Italy.

Born to make up for the lack of new needs in interdisciplinary studies about demo-ethno-anthropological intangible heritage (as specified by the Unesco Convention of 2003), the Summer School provides an opportunity, to Network’s members and Italian or foreign students, to follow specific refresher/improvement courses in the summer months. Its attendance may also provide the allocation of credits recognized by faculties for students regularly enrolled or, if required, holding an active agreement with the academic structure or the teachers.
Participants of this training will not be, however, only students. The Summer School is in fact open to all who wish to get in touch with the cultural realities of the provinces, join the project and learn more about the traditions of the area, thanks to a series of workshops and meetings. The activities are held by teachers from academic world or with significant experience in the field of demo-ethno-anthropological immaterial heritage.
Creating links between territories, listening to the local reality through a national network, connecting traditions, places and people: all this might happen in a territory outside the major tourist destinations, a territory that needs to be discovered, listened and revitalized. From these needs was born the idea of ​​a real university of experience.

On the organizational point of view, the control room of the Summer School for Folk Culture will work with the aim of enhancing the cultural heritage, but also on the basis of services offered by local authorities participating in the project. Thus, it will identify the municipalities able to well accommodate the training, providing participants with a rich range of experiences, reflections and actions. The experience will also include spectacular and convivial moments, put in place by  various involved figures - scholars, performers, artists - who will enliven the evenings, to completion of a unique cultural project.


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