The La Rete di Italiana Cultura Popolare is an association for social promotion that operates on a local, national and transnational basis.

The main statutory mission is to link territories, local authorities, associations, schools, libraries, active citizenship and individual operators, through a series of actions that promote socio-cultural policies attentive to traditional knowledge, considering them as tools of belonging and maintaining distance to nostalgic rhetoric.

The Network organizes and promotes various projects that work on the meaning of "doing community", in a constant dialogue between past and present. Particular attention is given to the new generations, with methods that have the objective of rebuild the links between them and the history of their territories, using the tools of listening, narration and restitution. The principle is to highlight the task of each generation, that knowledge and practices are handed down by witnesses and accepted by the next generation.

The responsibility for knowledge, the safeguarding and enhancement of the culture of belonging must therefore be considered as a personal commitment and a social duty. These actions cannot be delegated in total to important artistic activitie. The way of understanding the work of Rete is based on sharing rules of culture, often unconscious, in everyday life, made up of rituals, parties and the need to belong.

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What we do

People and social groups have always felt the need to interrupt the flow of time and the daily events with moments of celebration, play and collective ritual.

Celebrate, remember and design parties: these are events that mark individual and collective stories as a sort of punctuation that marks the story and biographies of each one. We celebrate to thank, to welcome, to propitiate passages, choices and changes, then as now, with the use of new forms.

Rete wants to put point out the difficult, but necessary, path of transformation of communities, on what each one can contribute, teach, learn, preserving their traditions and welcoming others.