tradiradioTradiRadio. TRAdition and beTRAyal

Tradi Radio is the web radio of Italian Network of Folk Culture. The web platform is not only an instrument by means of which inform and be informed about what is happening in the territories of the network, but also a virtual space open to ideas of those who want to network and share knowledge.
The site, the community, the Participatory Archive... The challenge does not end there. We want to enrich the platform with a web radio which can be heard worldwide. There are many people who want to listen to different types of music and other culture stories, and we think the best way to protect and promote culture will be sharing these subjects.
The web radio of the Italian Network of Folk Culture was founded with the goal of creating a space dedicated to the story of rituals, traditions, places and alternative social models.
The editorial staff is composed of volunteers enrolled in the network, scholars, journalists and all those persons who are in touch with the network.
The web radio project provides a daily scheduled programmes, but it is also made alive by the proposals of the members who can contribute in a variety of ways: by telling their own projects, territories and experiences they know better or through developing special musical playlists.



Click here to listen to the Italian web radio