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There are lot of people who want to listen to more music, hear new words and cultures. Perhaps, one of the best ways to protect these expressions and promote them is simply sharing them with others. The web radio of the Italian Pop Culture Network (Non-profit organization) was founded with the goal of creating a space for the story of rituals, traditions, places and the patterns of sociability/community in which they develop.


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This section of the community will allow members to upload and download videos, texts, photographs, music, interviews with the "masters" of popular culture, documents on festivals and traditions, food and craft, games and ways of working, research, and pieces of musical studies. The archive will consist of all materials loaded by members and of some private cultural materials donated to the Italian Pop Culture Network, then loaded and become available for everyone. The first to begin building this archive was Tullio De Mauro, linguist and professor emeritus of international renown, who donated to the Net part of his archive of linguistics.



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Forum of participatory planning, direct dialogue with the Scientific Committee, profiles of presentation and promotion, event calendar.




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Dinners/ meetings in private homes of migrant families. It is not a gastronomic project, but the report of the presence of a nucleus of communities: participants choose to meet otherness and bet on that appointment.
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The University has the objective of promoting meetings, workshops and performances to raise awareness and spread out the best practices of pop culture. Real lessons about tradition, held by those who are its "masters": expressions of a territory and a community, a social and economic history. For these figures, this is a way to communicate with future generations, in order to ferry the tradition to forms of                                                                                          innovation, constituting an inter-generational cultural covenant and a shared path.



This is an international reward based on the supervision of a scientific committee. It is aimed to the development of festivals, rituals, performances and actions that express the intrinsic and inseparable value of each area's history.


Sede nazionale:  Via Piave 15 - 10122  Torino Tel. +39  011/4338865 - Fax. +39 011/4368630 em@il: - P.IVA 09555030015 - C.F. 08911340019