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Rite and Festival for twelve months

Design by Antonio Damasco

Consultation by Gerardo Cardinale in collaboration with Paola Bertello, Valerio Mosso, Davide Martina, Marco Varvello

Torino, 2005


Concert/ theatre for squares, farms and yards. Music, songs and dances from North to South of Italy. With the cooperation of the teacher Gerardo Cardinale ( recorder), already member of the musical band Ciapa Rusa and Cantovivo, and one of the voices-revelation in recent years in popular music, Paola Bertello, exciting, vibrant interpreter of a tradition dancing between rituals and festivities.

Charming project of a song for twelve months: the songs of peasant workers, feasts, religious calendar, dreamed or secretly consumed loves.

“ Song to the earth” is born from the desire to comply with rhythms and times, going back up to the agrarian calendar of sowing and crops, of rites and celebrations, to propose again a chronological cycle reflecting and combining lives of people, who breathed in those fields and in those courts a whole life. Different kinds of music will stagger the songs rhythms: composed or vortical suite of dances, born to accompany feasts or simple melodies that will evoke memories and stories.

The show, from whom the project was born, gave its first performance at the Festival LA NOTTE DELLA TARANTA, by representing the Piedmont popular music.


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